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The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC)  provides insight and transparency into the graduate admissions process and promotes ethical standards and professional development among our members and stakeholders worldwide. Our membership is comprised of over 180 representatives from 16 countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States. Search now for an admissions consultant!

AIGAC 2018 Annual Conference

Building on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from last year’s annual conference, we are developing another week this June that will blend traditionally popular sessions with even more interactive and innovative programming with each other and with MBA admissions officers.

At the core of the conference, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management will be our host Wednesday and Thursday, June 13-14, 2018. We will enjoy the opportunity to learn about their new Global Hub and the Kellogg experience as well as run our traditional AIGAC programming and All Schools Day, with roughly 30 top MBA schools’ admissions officers joining us.

But that’s not all!

The full conference will run from Friday, June 8 to Friday, June 15.  Join us to tour and experience all of the following schools, too (listed alphabetically):

–      University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

–      University of Texas-Austin, McCombs School of Business

–      University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business

–      University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

And one more wonderful surprise to share – we are proud to also announce that for the first time, several of these schools will offer free housing!

Surely, this will be one of our most ambitious yet creative, educational and network-building conferences yet. Click HERE for all the details and to register.

We look forward to bringing you another valuable conference. See you there!

Your AIGAC 2018 Conference Committee:

Nupur Gupta – 2018 Conference Co-Chair
Rachel Korn – 2018 Conference Co-Chair
Faye Mackenzie – 2018 Conference AIGAC Afternoon Chair
Brett Haber
Paul Kang
Faisal Khan
Candy Lee LaBalle
Cecilia Pineda
Cindy Tokumitsu


President’s Message

Outgoing President’s Message
By Vince Ricci, AIGAC President 2016-2017 (full text here)

I want to kick off my final president’s message by extending a special note of thanks to outgoing board members, Michael and Maxx, who will complete their board terms on 31 Jul 2017. As a Board Director from 2014-17, Michael served as the Sponsorship Chair for the 2015 and 2016 AIGAC Conferences in addition to serving on the 2014 Conference Planning Committee. Since 2014, Michael has used his sales expertise to identify and capture new sponsorship opportunities. Year-round support plays a critical role in sustaining AIGAC by supplementing our membership and conference revenue, as explained here. In 2017, we brought our annual meeting to Michael’s alma mater, The UCLA Anderson School of Management. We warmly thank Michael for his service and will miss his aggressive friendliness, upbeat humor and tales of Bucky, the wonder dog.

Second, I feel proud to share some recent breakthroughs in our strategic planning process. Since October 2015, we have engaged the sage counsel of Denny Meadows from SilverFern Advisory. To help clarify our vision for the next three-years, Denny joined us at our first-ever board strategic planning retreat at the Graduate Berkeley on June 18, 2017. As a first step, we have evolved our mission statement. Please, check our website for updates.

As I look back at the end of my year as AIGAC president, I feel sincere gratitude for the wonderful work our volunteers have contributed to our Membership, Sponsorship, Communication, Survey, and Conference Committees. Supported by Shiela, Lori and our dedicated and talented team at headquarters, and led by incoming President Brett Haber, it is easy for me to understand why our membership continues to grow. I look forward to seeing many of you in Chicago for #AIGAC18. Onward and upward!
Read the full article here


Incoming President’s Message
By Brett Haber, AIGAC President 2017-2018 (full text here)

Welcome, welcome, welcome to your new AIGAC board members!

As I step into the role of AIGAC president, I’m so pleased to introduce to all of you, our new board!  We have some new faces, as well as some old.

I am deeply indebted to Vince Ricci, our outgoing president who has fearlessly led our organization this year.  Thankfully, as the immediate past-president he’ll be presiding over our Governance Committee and remaining active on our board.  Alongside, the AIGAC Founders and Board, we all wish to extend our deepest appreciation to Vince for everything that he’s done to raise our organizational performance level. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Vince!

Throughout August our committees will be actively working to define their goals for the year, critically focused on driving towards meeting the demands outlined in our new mission. We’ll be highlighting more about our new mission in the next newsletter but look forward to a successful year together!
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AIGAC Releases 2017 MBA Applicant Survey: The Millennial Paradox

The 2017 MBA Applicant Survey, released today by the Association of Independent Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC), confirms the values that Millennials bring to the business school admissions process. It also reveals an interesting paradox.

On one hand, Millennials love the immediacy of information available in today’s digital world, yet they also place a high importance on personal attention and human connection.

Likewise, the application pool continues to include candidates with divergent professional and personal backgrounds, yet there is a commonality of concerns and preferences regarding the admissions process. Read more and download the full report


Volunteer of the Month: Faye Mackenzie

Our volunteer of the month this month is Faye Mackenzie. Faye played a tremendous role in taking the 2017 AIGAC Conference to new heights. Her contributions, included an incredibly valuable discussion on issues that consultants face, along with the hugely popular session that brought consultants and admissions teams together to review candidate profiles together. As you can see below, Faye clearly had a huge impact on the committee itself as well.

“Faye’s creativity developed the core of the admissions exercise with all the candidates that was a hit. She is so humble that she does not like to take a lot of the credit that she has earned. She engaged several new members throughout the conference and drew them in both to make them comfortable and to help them voice their ideas for conferences to come. I am so excited that she is on our conference team!” – Rachel Korn, AIGAC Board Member and Conference Co-Chair

“Faye is unassuming, affable and a positive presence. These characteristics make her an excellent team player. Her “yes, I’ll do it” attitude is what I LOVE about Faye! On several occasions, Faye has shown a willingness to step up to contribute more and deliver. It is great for team morale and also makes her a joy / asset to have on a team. She has great ideas and is unafraid to experiment and work on out-of-the-box solutions.” — Nupur Gupta, AIGAC Board Member and Conference Co-Chair

Thanks Faye for bringing enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things to this year’s AIGAC conference!