The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) promotes high ethical standards and professional development amongst graduate admissions consultants, increases public understanding of graduate admissions consulting, and enhances communication with complementary organizations and entities. Our membership is comprised of over 130 representatives from 16 countries, including the Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States.  Inspired by the collaborative spirit and camaraderie of the consultants who attended Tuck School of Business’s Conferences for International Educational Consultants in 2005 and 2006, Linda Abraham of Accepted.com and Ricardo Betti of MBA Empresarial (Brazil) joined with Graham Richmond of Clear Admit and Maxx Duffy of Maxx Associates to form a not-for-profit association to set industry standards for graduate admissions consultants. In November 2006, AIGAC was officially incorporated in the State of California.

AIGAC President’s Message

By Vince Ricci, AIGAC President 2016-2017

August 2016: Please join us in thanking outgoing AIGAC President, Andrea Sparrey.

Since attending my first AIGAC Conference in 2011 and joining the AIGAC Board in 2013, I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Andrea Sparrey. Andrea is, without a doubt, the most effective leader I have ever known. She is the kind of person who would add value to any organization. Thankfully, we still have Andrea on the Board, where she serves as Immediate Past-President. Still, we want to take this opportunity to share a few highlights of Andrea’s tenure – in the form of a top 10 list. …read more

AIGAC 2017 Conference

AIGAC 2017 will span the California coast mid-June.  So far, we have secured space at Berkeley Haas.  Now, we are coordinating with UCLA Anderson to see if we can bring AIGAC to Los Angeles for the first time.  We are coordinating our conference plans to coincide with the beginning of the GMAC Annual Conference to enable strong school participation. Exact dates will be announced and registration will open in November.

Meanwhile, we are happy to welcome our 2017 Conference Committee, with team members dedicated to developing great content for us.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me at rkorn@aigac.org. Our next committee meeting will be October 6.

AIGAC 2017 Conference Committee
Rachel Korn – 2017 Conference Chair
Nupur Gupta – Curriculum Co-Chair
Emily Wolper – Curriculum Co-Chair
Cristina Freeman
Brett Haber
Candy Laballe
Faye Mackenzie
Vince Ricci
Hillary Schubach
Andrea Sparrey


AIGAC Volunteer of the Month

For more than five years, Anna Ivey has volunteered with one of AIGAC’s least known and most important committees, Governance. Through her work, we ensure fair application of AIGAC Principles – she has been a cornerstone of this effort.

“Without Anna, Governance would be lost! Her outstanding and exemplary contributions and long-standing service have strengthened AIGAC’s vision, ethos, and strategic direction.” – Maxx Duffy, AIGAC Director and long-standing Governance committee member.

Anna has been instrumental in increasing the transparency of the Governance committee process, creating a standardized reporting process that is now available to all members online. She has also made a point of sharing updates at every conference, ensuring that topics that are raised become points of education for all AIGAC members.

“We are so fortunate to have Anna on the AIGAC Governance Committee. By volunteering for this thankless task, Anna contributes her legal insights and unwavering commitment to our Principles of Good Practice for AIGAC Members. Thank you, Anna!” – Vince Ricci, AIGAC President

Thank you to our volunteers who help our organization run!

AIGAC 2016 Global Conference June 14 – 16, 2016 -
Was a Fabulous Success!

AIGAC Member Resources

AIGAC Members have access to all past Applicant Survey Data and Webinars in our Members-Only Resource Center.

From recent webinars, we have developed a great collection including CEIBS, ESMT, Forte Foundation, Georgetown McDonough, Harvard Kennedy School, Prodigy Finance, Vanderbilt, and Veritas Prep

Visit our members-only resource library at http://member.aigac.org/resources

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