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Useful Tips to Craft an Effective MBA Resume

Submitted By Poonam Tandon, PhD. English, Founder & President of

Resume is a critical part of the MBA applications, and yet it is often the most neglected one. Unfortunately, some applicants ignore resume and focus all their attention on essays. Your resume demands as much of your attention as your essays do. In fact, resume is your first introduction to the Ad Com, so it should be impactful enough to make them want to know more about you through your essays. When working with applicants on their resumes, I often quote Ross Admission Director Soojin Kwon. “For me, the resume is just as important as your essays……. How your describe your experience matters. What you choose to highlight matters. Think of it as trailer of the movie about about you. It needs to show there is substance there. I think that many applicants don’t take enough care with their resume.” Kwon said.

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