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Top 10 MBA Specialty Rankings 2016

Submitted By Spencer Peng

In college, the major you picked may or may not have had an impact on what you actually did after graduating. It’s a different story in business school. The concentration or track you choose in business school largely determines the kind of job you’ll get after you obtain your MBA. This makes sense since business school, like most graduate programs, is about obtaining specialized knowledge and skills, and making connections that will help you pursue a particular career path.

Approach business school as a necessary step on a journey towards a specific destination — perhaps to direct marketing for a Fortune 500 company, to follow your passion to become a serial entrepreneur, or to change industries to go into supply chain and logistics. Your choice in where to attend should correspond to what you want to go on to accomplish after business school. There are more schools with stellar programs than just the well-known institutions, especially when you sort by specialties. Who would have imagined seeing Purdue University sandwiched between Stanford and Kellogg in a top-10 listing?

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