The Hallmark of a Good Interview, Part II: How to Razzle and Dazzle Your Audience

By Esther Choy, MBA Prep School

Marathon interviewing is no picnic, as I shared in my previous article. But once in a blue moon, I came across a candidate I’d just love to talk with beyond the confines of the typical 45-minute interview. When I spoke with this person, I was so immersed in the conversation that I lost track of time.

How did these interviewees intrigue me so much? They told short, relevant stories throughout the interview. Time and time again, story is what makes the difference to interviewers.

“Our brains are just more active when we’re listening to a story,” says Lily Zhang, Assistant Director of Career Counseling & Training at MIT.

But, in case the advice to “tell stories” still leaves you scratching your head, wondering how to tell a good story in an interview, here are some of my thoughts…

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