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Should I Retake the GMAT Exam?

Submitted By Doran Aaronsohn, Ofek Prep

Retaking the GMAT – Emily’s story

“So what do you say? Is there a way for me to boost my GMAT score?”
Emily looked really anxious. Following a friend’s recommendation, she contacted me with a common concern: after months of study and practice, which included taking a prep course, Emily achieved a GMAT total score of 660, ranking her at about the 80th percentile of test takers worldwide. As high as this score is, it’s probably not enough to gain admittance to one of the best MBA programs in the world, where the average GMAT score is between 690 and 730.

An MBA in an Ivy League b-school has long been Emily’s dream, and this ambitious and successful young lady had no intentions of quitting half-way. However, she was beginning to worry whether a 700+ GMAT score was within her capabilities.

Of course, Emily’s story is not unique. Worldwide, disappointed GMAT test-takers are trying to understand if improving their score is even possible, and is so – how?

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