Pre-Application Tip: Work on Your Résumé First

By Cristina Freeman, Admissions Unlimited

Where are you headed?

You just clicked “new document,” geared up to tell the MBA admissions committee about your long-term goals, most significant accomplishments, and how you overcame a failure. 

But 30 minutes later, you are still staring at a blank screen.  Ideas are swirling around in your mind, but you can’t quite pin them down and decide what to discuss.

You most likely have several noteworthy experiences you could write about. However, the value of each of these may initially escape you when you are taking a first stab at the application.

If this sounds like where you are now, try working on your résumé first.

Since schools often require that you submit one with your application, the exercise of producing an accomplishment-based résumé will be two-for-one. And once you are done, you’ll have all the ingredients you need for your essays at your fingertips.

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