MBA interview prep and tips with our friend, GrantMeAdmission!

Submitted By Critical Square

For this blog post we reached out to our good friend who is going through the MBA journey right now to discuss MBA interview prep. He blogs about his journey @ GrantMeAdmission so we thought – what’s on his mind as round 1 interview invites start rolling out? What’s keeping him up at night and what questions might he have for us? Curious? Check it out!


At Critical Square, our goal is simple – to enable yours! We have services and solutions for every applicant and our MBA Interview Prep services are detailed, rigorous, and in-depth! As they say, you never get a second chance at a first impression and, with our prep services, we’ll make sure you won’t need one!

GrantMeAdmission comes from a corporate leadership rotation program and he is also intensely involved with professional non-profit organizations in addition to blogging about his MBA journey. Throughout his career he has interviewed several candidates in various settings ranging from panel, one-on-one, and group interviews. He has a lot of firsthand experience interviewing candidates and knows how nerve-wracking it can be!

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