How the 100 Week Sprint helps elite students

We are thrilled to share information with our AIGAC peers about a program that we created to help MBA students, the 100 Week Sprint. This program helps elite students make the most of their MBA experience.

In 2011, the Sparrey Consulting Group launched the 100 Week Sprint because we wanted to help elite students make the most of their MBA experience. After all, factoring in opportunity cost, MBA students often invest close to $500K in this endeavor. Given that an MBA is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is incredibly valuable to learn from lessons that other students and alumni who have insights to share.

Over the past few years, many MBA students have shared common questions, including:

  • What should I do when I’m leaving work?
  • How can I hit the ground running and when should I get started?
  • When should I really get serious about recruiting?
  • Should I stick to my initial recruiting plan? What else should I explore?
  • How can I stay on top of everything that’s going to be thrown my way?
  • Can I avoid feeling overwhelmed?
  • Which offer should I take?
  • Can anyone find me five more minutes in my day? How about an hour a week?

100 Week Sprint is designed to answer questions like these and more and to act as a catalyst for whatever your MBA goals might be.

  • Looking to improve your recruiting outcomes? Over 50 of the weeks include content relating to expanding your network and streamlining your recruiting activities, as well as access to our Career Conversations with MBA graduates looking to add to their teams.
  • Hoping to better manage finances, and find ways to save money? We offer over two dozen weeks of advice on navigating financial aid and scholarships, saving money without lessening the experience, and other tips to protect your financial health.
  • Looking for additional opportunities to learn about a function or industry that gives you an advantage over other job applicants? Our Career Conversations will help 100 Week Sprint subscribers to network and potentially land jobs with MBA graduates in startups, consulting, PE, VC, banking, and other industries – opportunities often not available on their campuses.
  • Hoping to stay healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally? Over one-third of the 100 Week Sprint touches on wellness, including separate wellness topics through a partnership with a wellness professional.

In helping MBA students navigate the most important two years of their lives (at least, for most of them), we have designed the program around students’ needs. For those seeking a regular cadence of content, they will get weekly emails. And for those seeking to search topics of interest or connect on a more infrequent basis, we offer an online portal with all content. No matter what way students prefer to access content, it is always available to them.

“It was so much more difficult than I expected getting adjusted to life on campus. During the first few weeks, my friends and I struggled to figure out so many of the basic aspects of the MBA experience. Coming from abroad, we had so many questions and were looking to each other for answers. I would have loved a resource like this.”
– GSB Graduate, Class of 2019

Over the last 10 years, our team’s greatest accomplishments are the partnerships and friendships we created while striving to offer the best advice and support for students starting their business school journey. We consider ourselves blessed to hear so many success stories and want to continue supporting the next generation of business leaders.

To that end, we are offering a special promotion on the 100 Week Sprint for AIGAC member clients! We are happy to create a custom code that you can share with your students for a 20% referral benefit, along with a 20% discount for your students. Please email us at to get your personal promo code.

We hope your clients enjoy the last few months before the business school roller coaster begins!

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