Future Members


Benefits of Membership

  • Continuing education programming, deepen your knowledge of the industry
  • Stamp of Excellence
  • Resource Materials from schools and partners accessible on Members-Only Web Page
  • Inclusion in AIGAC’s Searchable Membership Directory; accessed by applicants and schools
  • Membership in a private consultants-only LinkedIn group
  • Share perspectives and resources with peers
  • Establish yourself as an expert, sharing insights on our website
  • Access to Attend AIGAC’s Members-Only Annual Conference
  • Network with other member

Organizational members shall consist of organizations whose company or a portion of their company represent graduate admissions consultants who have an interest in the purpose and objective of the corporation and who meet any additional requirements for Organization membership as may be imposed by the Board from time to time.

Organizational membership is based on the number of active graduate admissions consultants in your organization.

Organizational Categories – Click appropriate organization size to complete application online:

Graduate admissions consultants are defined as those who meet the following criteria:
• Directly interact with clients to provide admissions advice
• Are compensated for providing admissions advice
• Hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited institution
• Have 24 consecutive months of work experience in graduate admissions consulting
• Served a minimum of 15 clients
• Uphold all of the principles that AIGAC represents.

Professionals in fields related to graduate admissions who support the stated mission and Principles of Good Practices of the Association but are not providing direct admissions advice. Affiliate members are non-voting members.

STUDENT – $25/yr
Currently registered full-time students who are interested in graduate admissions consulting and who support the stated mission and Principles of Good Practices of the Association. Student members must provide verification of student status and are non-voting members.

Applicants shall be admitted to membership on making application therefore in writing, upon payment of first annual dues, and upon approval of the AIGAC Board of Directors

** One full year of dues is paid upon joining and a pro-rated amount will be due for the following year. For example, if you join in July, the entire annual dues amount for that membership category is due, but for the following year you will be invoiced for only 50% of the dues amount for that year since you received only six months of benefits when you joined as a new member, mid-year, at the full rate. Subsequent years will be billed at the regular amount. Annual dues are non-refundable upon acceptance to AIGAC.

AIGAC reserves the right to deny admission to anyone.




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