Developing Engaging Stories for Your Essays – Tip #1

By Poonam Tandon

The next application season is fast approaching, and B-school aspirants have already started gearing up for putting together various aspects of their application package. Some of you must be preparing for your GMAT while some must be busy researching schools and reaching out to the alumni/current students to get their perspective on schools. After earning your desired GMAT score and finalizing your list of target schools, the next challenge for you is to develop relevant stories for your essays.

When working with the B-school applicants on their application essays in the past three years, I have noticed that one major issue most applicants face with their essays is- coming up with relevant stories/real life examples or inability to present them effectively. Some applicants just expand their resumes and rewrite them in a language that is filled with jargon, assuming everyone would comprehend them, some compose an objective statement of purpose that reads like a newspaper article which completely fails to tell the reader who they are, while some others try so hard to impress the Ad Com with their language skills that the essence of the story is lost somewhere in the maze of those ‘robust’ words.

Indeed, the stories you tell about various aspects of your professional career (goals, accomplishments, leadership experiences etc.) and personal life (background, cultural experiences, setback/mistake etc.) play a key role in determining your chances of admission to you dream school. Therefore, you must invest a significant amount of time in reflecting on your best stories and then developing them into engaging and persuasive essays that will set you apart from a gigantic pool of applicants.

You can master this skill if you keep in mind some key components of the story development process. Click here to read on Comprehending the Essay Prompt