Thanks Goes to Candy!

We wanted to take a moment to recognize the contributions of Candy Lee Laballe to the AIGAC Board and to thank her for her exceptional service as her term on the board comes to a close. Over the past four years, she has dedicated hundreds of hours and her incredible energy to the growth of the organization.

“Spain, New York, Paris/London, Boston – Candy rocked the conferences!” – Maxx Duffy, AIGAC Co-founder and Board Member

Each year, the AIGAC Conferences have required tremendous leadership and Candy has stepped up to take on the lead role countless times. She spearheaded our first global conference, where she introduced AIGAC members to some amazing experiences in Spain, from the suckling pig in Segovia to the memorable flamenco dancing show in Madrid. At the same time, her leadership helped us to build relationships with several schools that have become consistent partners at our conference events and throughout the year. These relationships have helped AIGAC to fully establish itself as a global organization.

In addition to her many hats as co-chair of this year’s best-ever event in Boston, Candy mentored other future conference leaders.

“Candy knew far more than just the incredible amount of detail required to plan the conference – she knew how to predict what would be needed in evolving, new situations. Her creative thinking expanded the potential our activities.” – Rachel Korn, AIGAC2016 Co-Chair

Candy has been an exceptional contributor to AIGAC and we’re thrilled that despite the end of her board term, that she’ll continue to be an active volunteer.

“Candy has been such a game changer for AIGAC; it’s hard for me even to wrap my head around pre-Candy AIGAC. And what a wonderful colleague she’s been. I want to extend my sincere thanks!” – Anna Ivey

Thanks Candy!

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