Thanks Goes to Andrea!

Please join us in thanking outgoing AIGAC President, Andrea Sparrey.

Since attending my first AIGAC Conference in 2011 and joining the AIGAC Board in 2013, I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Andrea Sparrey. Andrea is, without a doubt, the most effective leader I have ever known. She is the kind of person who would add value to any organization. Thankfully, we still have Andrea on the Board, where she serves as Immediate Past-President. Still, we want to take this opportunity to share a few highlights of Andrea’s tenure – in the form of a top 10 list.

Top 10 things we love about Andrea:

  1. Her infectious laughter and whip-smart sense of humor

  2. Andrea’s uncanny ability to instantly identify at least three ways to improve everything she touches. I recall one weekly executive committee call where she led the group to make ten quick fixes that immensely enhanced the usability of  

  3. Andrea simultaneously pushes and supports colleagues, for instance, by steadily enhancing the quality of programming at our Annual Conference

  4. Andrea’s killer social media instincts – under her leadership, AIGAC created two LinkedIn groups, one general group, that includes affiliate members and schools, and another for consultant-members-only. We have also doubled our Twitter followers and launched a Facebook page and YouTube channel

  5. The way she makes everyone around her a better leader. Because I am known to deliberate far too long, Andrea helped me find new ways to take action without over-thinking the small stuff

  6. Her dual focus on short-term needs and long-term objectives, such as they way she transformed our Applicant Survey into a sought after source of industry insights that attracts sustained exposure for volunteers and the organization as a whole

  7. Andrea’s innate sense of fairness, integrity, and fiscal discipline. Under her leadership, AIGAC emerged out of debt and built an operating reserve that allows us to begin investing in resources like our website and member directory

  8. She serves as a role model for members by not only maintaining a highly successful admissions and career consultancy but also finding time to create useful and innovative products, like the 100 Week Sprint

  9. The way Andrea has infused AIGAC with a culture of gratitude, for example, by presenting schools, volunteers, and sponsors with handwritten thank-you notes at our Conference

  10. On balance, Andrea is, without a doubt, the most effective leader I have ever had the privilege of supporting. She simply gets stuff done. Her tireless efforts have brought AIGAC to a new level of strategic and operational excellence. Thank you, Andrea!

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