AIGAC Call for Nominations

Join the AIGAC Board!

Looking to build our industry, gain experience on a Board of Directors or add “Non-Profit Leadership” to your LinkedIn profile? AIGAC is seeking nominations for board directors, and you are allowed, even encouraged, to nominate yourself if you’re interested.

Come learn the ropes in a friendly, collegial environment and help shape the future of AIGAC and the admissions consulting industry. As our current and past board members can attest, contributing to our board adds skills to your repertoire and opens doors even after board membership has ended. And we have a lot of fun together!


We solicit nominations for Board of Director candidates to run for three seats that commence August 1, each for a three-year term.  The minimum qualifications and criteria for nominating and selecting candidates are:

Minimum Qualifications for AIGAC Director Nominees 

  • AIGAC Business Organization member in good standing (only one representative per company may serve on the board at a time).
  • At least three years’ experience as an admissions consultant.
  • At least six months participation on an AIGAC committee in the past 36 months.

Not sure if you’re qualified? Please email Shiela Locatelli-Wallace to check (shiela@aigac.org) 

Nominating Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Directors and voting members of AIGAC may nominate themselves or another qualified member as prospective candidates to run for the Board as described below in #2
  2. To nominate someone else, please complete this nomination form by March 31
  3. Those who are nominating themselves or who have been nominated and wish to run for the board position, must submit a candidate statement by March 31 (or submitted shortly thereafter by nominees who are nominated by another member)

The candidate statement should be submitted online from the nominee addressing the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in serving on the AIGAC Board of Directors?
  • What specific qualifications, skills, or experience would you contribute to the Board?
  • What do you hope to get out of serving on the Board?
  • What experience, if any, do you have serving on similar Boards of Directors?
  • What level of time commitment can you make to the Board?

Please be sure to complete all forms online before March 31.

Please note: only one person per company or consultancy may serve on the AIGAC Board of Directors at any given time.

Should you have any questions or need additional information about the AIGAC Call for Director Nominations, please contact our office at operations (at) aigac (dot) org.

The first step towards a board position is to volunteer for one of our committees, or even to suggest a new one if you have great plans or ideas that don’t quite fit into our current structure.

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