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6 Keys to a Better MBA Resume

Submitted By The MBA Exchange

The first exposure that a business school gets to your candidates is usually your resume — sometimes called a CV (curriculum vitae). Typically 1-2 pages in length, the resume provides the admissions committee with an engaging snapshot of your career and life since the time you enrolled in college.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, the reality is that some MBA applicants misunderstand or even misuse the resume in ways that reduce their chances for admission. To help our clients make the most of this important opportunity, The MBA Exchange advises them to consider these 6 points when presenting themselves via a resume:

1. Present substance, with clarity and succinctness
Usually the school’s application instructions specify a “1-page limit,” you should not delete core content that puts your candidacy in positive light. However, this also means that you should not just fill the space with extraneous details. Reading a 2-page resume that should have been a 1-pager is not going to endear you to an overworked admissions stagger with a stack of apps sitting on his or her desk. So, make every word count. We encourage our clients to minimize the use of “articles” — a, an, the — as they add little value.

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