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5 GMAT study tips when working full-time

Submitted By Spencer Peng, Ready4

So many GMAT success stories go something like this: “after taking three months off and studying non-stop I finally broke 700” or “studying for the GMAT was my full-time job.”

Yet for the majority of test-takers, a full-fledged GMAT vacation is not an option. Jobs can’t always be put on hold and the hustle of our daily lives must continue while we prepare for the test.

While it’s easy to imagine that with copious free time we’d be able to score as high as we want and put so much thought into our applications that no business school would refuse us, we must accept and work within the limits of our current schedule.

However, no matter how strenuous or frenetic your schedule, it’s no reason to give up on your goal GMAT score.  Countless busy professionals have studied for and scored brilliantly on the GMAT while balancing the demands of work and life.  Many more have made drastic improvements in their score without sacrificing their career. Studying for the GMAT while working full-time is possible; it takes an efficient study strategy and a determined mindset, which the following GMAT study tips will outline.

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