What do you need to know about transportation?

    • You will be responsible for arranging your airfare to and from the conference; arrive in northern California and depart from southern California. Once in town, you will be responsible for getting yourself to and from Berkeley and UCLA.

    • Included in your registration, we will provide bus transfers from the Graduate Berkeley (formerly the Hotel Durant) to Wharton | San Francisco and Stanford MSx, as well as to southern California

    • The bus transfer from northern California to southern California will be on Wednesday. This will include an overnight stay in San Luis Obispo; during the registration process you can choose to have a private or shared room or no accommodations at all if you will be making your own travel arrangements.

    • If you prefer, you can make other travel arrangement to southern California, but you would be responsible for those extra costs.

    • Throughout the conference, we will also suggest ways to minimize individual costs through sharing rides via Uber or taxis.

    •  Airport access to Berkeley – The Bay Area Regional Transit (BART) has a direct line from SFO and OAK airports.
    • BART stops near Berkeley include: “Downtown Berkeley” is the closest with “Ashby” and “North Berkeley” in walkable distance.
    • Recommended Bay Area airports

      • San Francisco (SFO)

      • Oakland (OAK)

    • Recommended Southern California airports

      • Los Angeles (LAX)

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