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Top 5 Things You Should Always Do For An Interview – Part 1

Submitted By The Red Pen – University & MBA Admissions Advising

Interview season is upon us. Some early applicants have already had interviews, while others are preparing for calls after the new year. Top 5 things you should always do for an academic interview.

Take a clean copy of your current resume
There are several reasons to do this. First off, it gives you something to do when you walk into the interview and it makes you look prepared. Second, it gives the interviewer a reference point from which to start asking questions.

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MBA Waitlist Strategy

Submitted By Hillary Schubach. Shine MBA Admissions Consulting

You’ve turned in an excellent MBA application.  Unfortunately, the news was disappointing: you’ve been waitlisted. Being on the waitlist can feel like a rejection, but don’t be discouraged. All hope is not lost.

A spot on the waitlist means the admissions committee liked something they saw in you; this is positive feedback!  And every year, business schools admit people from their waitlists.  Here’s how you can best position yourself for a spot in the class.

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What to Do if You’re Waitlisted

Submitted By Stacy Blackman, Stacy Blackman Consulting

All MBA applicants wait anxiously to hear final decisions from the programs they’ve applied to. For some b-school prospectives, however, that date comes and goes—and they’re still waiting. They’ve been waitlisted.

If you’ve been rolled over from a Round 1 waitlist, have recently been informed that you were neither accepted nor denied at one of your Round 2 schools, or get this same news in the coming weeks from a program that hasn’t notified applicants yet, your first question might be, “Well, now what?”

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5-Step Checklist Before Submitting Your Applications

Submitted By Accepted

Whether you’re applying to b-school, law school, med school, grad school, or college, this checklist will be the same. Don’t hit that “submit” button until you’ve completed the following 5 steps:

1.  You’ve made sure that your application presents a holistic, multi-dimensional picture of you.

Each section of your application should not just present you as a strong candidate on its own, but should complement the other application components as well. When the admissions readers have finished reading your entire application, they should have a clear picture of who you are as a well-rounded and unique individual.

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SBC Scoop: Managing Stress with a Timeline

Submitted By Stacy Blackman

Just about a year ago our client Emily was starting to freak out. Every time she looked at her applications for four MBA programs, all she could see was a pile of work to be done with nothing complete, and worse, no sense of when she would get it all done. It was just overwhelming.

When Emily had her first meeting with her consultant and set up a strategy for her applications to HBS, Stanford, Wharton and Kellogg, the answers seemed manageable. Discussion with her consultant helped her set up a plan to prepare her recommenders.

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Avoid 3 Mistakes When Building Your MBA Budget

Submitted By Stacy Blackman, Stacy Blackman Consulting

The MBA admissions process requires determination, dedication and hard work. But don’t let the effort required to gain admission stop you from tackling another important aspect of business school success: your budget.

Given the rising cost of a top business degree, even a small budgeting mistake can cost you a fair amount. Here are three mistakes to avoid as you create your plan to pay for business school.

1. Not starting early enough: Ideally, you would have considered the cost of an MBA when deciding whether to attend business school or in the first place. This includes thinking about tuition along with external costs such as wages lost by leaving your job.

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Pick the right varsity, get funded too

Submitted By The Red Pen – University & MBA Admissions Advising

It is no big discovery to learn that undergraduate education abroad is expensive. As of August 2014, the annual cost of attending college in the US is approximately $50,000 to $60,000 or Rs. 30 to 36 Lakhs.  That is a whopping quarter million dollars over four years.  While this estimate does college fees, living expenses and insurance, additional costs will include travel to and from India. And, if a student elects to attend a summer term or do an extra year, expenses increase.

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MBA Admissions: Preparing For The Interview

Submitted By

“MBA Admissions: Preparing For The Interview” is the latest post in our series Navigate the MBA Maze.

Here are three key tips on how to present yourself during those crucial face-to-face minutes.

1.  Structure Your Answers.Structure helps your interviewer see where you’re going with your answer and helps you remember where you’re going, too.

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MBA interview prep and tips with our friend, GrantMeAdmission!

Submitted By Critical Square

For this blog post we reached out to our good friend who is going through the MBA journey right now to discuss MBA interview prep. He blogs about his journey @ GrantMeAdmission so we thought – what’s on his mind as round 1 interview invites start rolling out? What’s keeping him up at night and what questions might he have for us? Curious? Check it out!


At Critical Square, our goal is simple – to enable yours! We have services and solutions for every applicant and our MBA Interview Prep services are detailed, rigorous, and in-depth! As they say, you never get a second chance at a first impression and, with our prep services, we’ll make sure you won’t need one!

GrantMeAdmission comes from a corporate leadership rotation program and he is also intensely involved with professional non-profit organizations in addition to blogging about his MBA journey. Throughout his career he has interviewed several candidates in various settings ranging from panel, one-on-one, and group interviews. He has a lot of firsthand experience interviewing candidates and knows how nerve-wracking it can be!

Read more about MBA interview prep and tips with our friends, GrantMeAdmission!  by clicking here.

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How to Master MBA Interviews

By Stacy Blackman, Stacy Blackman Consulting

‘Tis the season for interviews! This is the most unpredictable portion of the MBA application process, since every interviewer is different. The same interviewer may even react differently depending on his or her mood that day. For the lucky round one MBA applicants who have been invited to interview by their target business schools, here are several tips for preparing and guidance on what to expect.

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