History and Mission

AIGAC’s History

The core concept of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) can be traced back to an initiative that the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth adopted in Spring 2005. Inviting twenty-four graduate educational consultants from eighteen countries, the Tuck School of Business held the first-ever “Conference for International Educational Consultants.” Sponsored by Tuck’s Admissions Office, the conference provided insight into Tuck’s academic programs, its faculty and students, and its close-knit learning environment. It is here that two of AIGAC’s four founding members met: Linda Abraham of Accepted.com and Ricardo Betti of MBA Empresarial (Brazil). One year later Graham Richmond of Clear Admit and Maxx Duffy of Maxx Associates met at the second Tuck conference.

Inspired by the collaborative spirit and camaraderie of the international educational consultants, Accepted.com in Fall 2005 submitted a proposal to the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®) to provide a presentation for its membership at their annual conference in June 2006. After the proposal was accepted, MBA Empresarial, Maxx Associates, and Clear Admit were invited to be co-presenters of the session entitled Admission Consultants: Love ‘em, Hate ‘em, Use ‘em. GMAC®, for the first time, included these educational consultancies at its annual conference. The four invited consultancies, long-time leaders in the field with a combined 70 years of industry-defining experience, discussed what graduate admissions consultants do, the role they play in guiding graduate applicants in the admission process, the benefits they offer graduate admission offices, and the vision they have of how graduate admissions consultants and graduate management admission offices might work together.

During the GMAC® presentation, the four consultancies announced their interest in forming a not-for-profit association to realize the concept of setting industry standards for graduate admissions consultants. In November 2006, AIGAC was officially incorporated in the State of California.

AIGAC Mission Statement

AIGAC provides insight and transparency into the graduate admissions process and promotes ethical standards and professional development among our members and stakeholders worldwide.