Involvement in your professional association!

AIGAC has numerous initiatives every year to help you and our industry.  We are looking for members to serve on committees.  Getting actively involved in your professional association gives you the chance to help shape the future of AIGAC and the admissions consulting industry and can evolve into further leadership with the organization.   General time commitments are 1 – 2 hours per month, with an uptick near project output times.

AIGAC Committees

  • Membership – Stay in touch with your peers, meet new individuals in the industry and help increase the value of membership
  • Conference – Help formulate business curriculum for your peers, work to develop school panels to keep us informed of the changes in the admission process, develop marketing and promotional
  • Survey – Analyze trends and develop information highlighting key issues in the application process; giving applicants a voice
  • Sponsorship – Help develop relationships with leaders of companies who provide services for applicants and be an ambassador for the organization.
  • Communication – Help increase our outward presence. Work with various committees to compile information and promote on website, social media, etc.

– Nupur Gupta (President)
– Brett Haber (Past President)
– Krithika Srinivasan (President Elect)
– Rachel Korn (Secretary)
– Scott Edinburgh (Treasurer)

– Prashant Tibrewal (Co-Chair), EssaySunday
– Faye Mackenzie (Co-Chair), Agos Japan
– Mengdan Chu, Agos Japan
– Karthik Palaniappan, August Academy
– Beth Tidmarsh, Stacy Blackman Consulting
– Paul Bodine, Admitify
– Laura Freedman, Access Education
– Candy LaBalle, LaBalle Admissions
– Marcus Lovitt, Agos Japan

– Scott Edinburgh (Chair), Personal MBA Coach

– Vince Ricci (Chair), Agos Japan
– Andrea Sparrey, The Sparrey Consulting Group
– Maxx Duffy, Maxx Associates
– Anna Ivey,  Ivey Consulting
– Brett Haber, MBA Prep School

– Krithika Srinivasan (Chair), Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd
– Barbara Coward (Past Chair)
– Scott Shrum, Hennessey Consulting
– Bara Sapir,
– Donna Bauman, Stratus Admissions
– Marissa Samuel Vecsler, Test Prep

– Rachel Korn, Rachel Korn Study Consultant Ltd.
– Andrea Sparrey, The Sparrey Consulting Group
– Chris Aitken, MBA Prep School

– Scott Edinburgh (Chair), Personal MBA Coach
– Karthik Palaniappan, August Academy
– Krithika Srinivasan, Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd

– Barbara Coward (Chair)
– Pam Jaffe, The Jaffe Advantage
– Amy Molden, Masters USA
– Travis Morgan, MBA Whisperer

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